8 Supplements That Actually Boost Your Immune System

Hello Everyone. Have you been maintaining  your health? More specifically, your nutrients?  If you’re not getting them straight from your food,  you better be getting them from supplements.  The world of supplements is tricky.

Some work, some don’t . When it comes to your  immune system, you can’t play around. That’s why today, we’re talking 8 Supplements  That Actually Boost Your Immune System.

How important are probiotics? What  about Vitamin C? What’s Elderberry?  Whoa, wait a second Garlic?  We’re talking all that AND more.

8 Immunity Boost Supplements:

  1. Elderberry Extract
  2. Multivitamins
  3. Vitamin B12
  4. Vitamin C
  5. Vitamin D
  6. Probiotics
  7. Zinc
  8. Garlic

Elderberry Extract: We’re starting things off with one you  may not have heard of. Weirdly enough,  elderberries are commonly used for medicine. It’s been this way for a while. Actually,  I’m underselling it’s Ancient cultures have used elderberry plants for centuries. But nowadays, elderberry is usually used  as a supplements Reviews One that fights cold and  flu symptoms.

I say that’s pretty convenient. Being that it’s the winter season, you’re likely  gonna want something that helps you avoid these  illnesses. This makes elderberry extract a winner. Now just to warn you, these supplements  won’t fully prevent you from getting the  flu. What they do is speed up your  recovery time.

Studies have pointed  to this. One piece of research showed that  people who took elderberry medicine four  times a day were able to recover from the flu  almost twice as quickly as those who didn’t . In terms of nutrients, elderberries are full of fiber, Vitamin C and flavonols. You need all of  these and more to keep yourself healthy. So don’t shy away from elderberry supplements. 

Multivitamins : Are you tired of having to keep track of each little vitamin every day? Well  multivitamins might be your answer. Multivitamins are the most commonly  used supplements in the world.  Well according to sources, they are. And they’re only growing in popularity. Multivitamins contain different  vitamins and minerals. You will  also be getting ingredients like  herbs, amino acids and fatty acids.

Multivitamins come in several different forms including capsules,  chewable gummies, powders and liquids. It’s   important to eat multivitamins that contain  doses of Vitamins B,C,D and E. These are all essential for your body to function. If you want your immune system to  work, multivitamins are essential.

I mean think about it, to reduce your chances of getting sick, you’re going to want as  many vitamins as possible. They can also improve your brain function and eye health. Vitamin B12 This is another essential supplement you need  to take plenty of.

Vitamin B12 : keeps your brain  and nerves healthy. Taking the right amount of supplements each day is also a great energy boost. Seriously, you don’t want to go without  Vitamin B12. A deficiency hurts your  body’s ability to respond to sickness. If  you haven’t been taking any supplements, you experience a lack of folate.

As a result, your immune system will overreact. This leads to chronic inflammation, which can be  fatal if it’s not treated properly. If you’re taking B12 supplements, you  are recommended a daily intake of under  3 micrograms. Don’t sweat if you take  a little more than that.

Your body will  absorb the amount it needs, while the rest  will pass through your urine. Just don’t take  too much more than that. You might experience a headache, dizziness, anxiety, nausea and vomiting.

Vitamin C : This one is extremely important. You’ve  heard about Vitamin C since childhood. Drink your orange juice! I mean sure, we eat the odd fruit. But  most of us still don’t realize how  much we really need it to function. Vitamin C is needed to protect your body’s cells and keep you healthy. If you have a wound, you  need it to help you heal. person with healthy looking skin isn’t just under some kid of beauty  spell.

They’re usually taking a lot of Vitamin C.  It will also strengthen your bones and cartilage. A Vitamin C deficiency isn’t anything to mess  with. Going without will result in scurvy. This is a disease that specifically happens  when you aren’t getting enough Vitamin C in your system.

Scurvy comes in the form of  easy bleeding, bruising and muscle pain. It’s recommended that the average adult  takes 65 to 90 mg of Vitamin C per day. While you’re also allowed to go over, taking  way too much will make you feel really sick.  So try to have control over your supplements.

Vitamin D : Also known as the sunshine vitamin, our  bodies are naturally exposed to Vitamin D  whenever we go outside. A nice summer walk  can give you a pretty decent amount. But  what about in the fall and winter periods when the weather gets gross? This is where cold and flu season begins.

The sun is barely shining and people aren’t going out as much. In order to lower your chances of sickness,  you need to take the correct supplements. Ready to get freaked out? A large percentage of  us already have a Vitamin D deficiency and don’t   even realize. There are many tell-tale  signs.

Aside from a weak immune system, a lack of Vitamin D can result in muscle weakness, bone pain,  fatigue and depression. You’ll basically walk around feeling terrible all the time. It’s recommended you take Vitamin D supplements  every day. Even on days when the sun is out.  Given our busy schedules, many of us  don’t have time to venture outdoors. 

Taking regular supplements can be really helpful. There is even research to show that Vitamin D  protects people against respiratory infections. A study found that taking the right  supplements can decrease infection by up to 70%  in people with a Vitamin D deficiency.  So if you’re out of vitamins to take,  don’t hesitate to head out to your local drug store.

Probiotics : This is one supplement more people need to learn  about. Probiotics are healthy bacteria and yeast  with several benefits. These living organisms  balance the bacteria in your digestive system. A better digestive system can prevent diarrhea among other things. If you’re changing your diet,  a healthy gut is crucial.

Otherwise, you won’t absorb the proper nutrients.  In order to make your gut healthier,your immune system needs more power. Probiotics give your immune system  a boost, helping you develop more  gut bacteria.

They also produce natural  antibodies, producing different cells. Regular consumption of probiotics helps you avoid various diseases. One study has suggested that probiotics reduced the likelihood of respiratory infections. Certain probiotics are even said to reduce urinary tract infections in women by nearly 50%! So this is something you want to ask your doctor more about.

Zinc : Zinc is always added to supplements as a way  to boost immune response. In order for it to  function, you need this mineral. Did you  know that over 2 billion people around the  world are zinc deficient? An estimated 30% of adults aren’t getting enough. Zinc helps your body develop cells and  communicate.

It helps to fight inflammation.  If you’re not getting enough zinc, your body’s   going to suffer. The immune system won’t work to the best of its abilities, leaving  you vulnerable to all sorts of disease. People with not enough zinc in their bodies have  a higher chance of getting pneumonia. If you  get the proper amount, you will have a better  chance at fighting colds and other sickness. So if you’re concerned about not having enough  zinc, talk to your doctor about supplements.

Garlic : Pretty weird, right? Well not really For most of us, garlic is just another ingredient we add to our food. But did you know that garlic has been  used to treat medical conditions for centuries.  Seriously, it can be traced all the way back to ancient Greece.

What did they know that we didn’t Research has shown that taking garlic  supplements can reduce colds by over 60%  compared to placebos. High doses of  garlic can shorten the length of your  cold or flu by a few days. With that said,  research still needs to be done on just how  powerful garlic is. But the studies done in its favor are pretty hopeful. Your immune system is more important than  you think. It’s so easy for us to ignore  it. I say we keep the conversation going.