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      潮州市永信窯爐有限公司組織結構健全、技術裝備先進, 項目管理科學、業務范圍廣,專業制造各種節能窯爐(電氣輥道窯、瓦斯輥道窯、瓦斯隧道窯、自動燒成梭式窯、電網窯、瓦斯網窯、瓦斯實驗窯、電氣實驗窯、熱處理爐)及窯爐安裝調試、搬遷、維修售后服務及技術支持。各類窯爐的節能改造,陶瓷機械輸送線等設備及電氣配件。


      With your care and support, LS Kilns Co. Ltd. has constantly developed and grown. Thus, on behalf of LS Kilns all staff , I would like to express our heartfelt thanks to you!

      LS Kilns always adhere to take "people-oriented, science and technology" as development strategy. We are actively digesting and absorbing advanced kiln technology at home and abroad,  and developing the high-quality goods of kiln which suited to the situation of "high quality, low consumption, environmental protection, flexible, easy to operate and maintenance", using high-tech and new technology to guide and broaden the market, providing quality services for new and old customers and friends at home and abroad with honesty and steadfast work, wining the trust of users by good quality and credit. 

      LS Kilns co. ltd. has perfect organizational structure, advanced technical equipment, scientific project management, and wide business scope. We specialized in manufacturing all kinds of energy-saving kiln such as electrical roller kiln, gas roller kiln, gas tunnel kiln, automatic firing shuttle kiln, electricity grid kiln, gas network kiln, gas experiment kiln, electric furnace, heat treatment furnace. We provide after-sales service including kiln installation, relocation, maintenance, and also provide technical support for energy saving renovation of all types of kiln and ceramic mechanical transport line and its electrical accessories.

      With the spirit of "seeking truth from facts, continuous innovation", LS Kilns stands ready to work together with all walks of life friend to discuss the kiln development of new technology and create a brilliant future.