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    3.操作簡單 易學易用(可以零基礎上崗應用)

    4.重復率高達99.8%(燒成可靠性高 穩定性強)


      Established in 2011 on May 14th, LS Kilns Co. Ltd. is a professional furnace company integrating research and development, design, manufacture, installation, debugging and after-sale, as a result of about ten years’ development.

      It has about 200 employees include 10 designers, about 100 manufacturing and installing staff, 10 commissioning personnel, and 10 service personnel. Our company constantly gather talents to develop the skill of science and technology kiln base on the people-oriented development strategy.

       According to statistics, the company has been manufacturing a variety of more than 500 kilns. On the premise of improving technology and reducing cost, we form control technological, systematic, standardized and stereotyped structure. The entire production line with industrial computer control, can clearly visualize the entire furnace running processes, storing a plurality of firing profile for firing selection. Recently our products automatic reduction firing shuttle kiln and reduction firing roller kiln for firing high-grade daily-use tableware, have put into and get appreciated in international market. Our kilns have the characteristics of good control performance, firing stable, energy saving, high production efficiency and good product quality. In addition, we produce more kinds of furnaces which are applicable using for burning household utensils, sanitary ware, bone china, electrical porcelain, crafts porcelain, ceramic tiles, Western-style tile and glass ceramics and other products. 

      Our company's operating principle is customer first, integrity, quality, service, innovation. We would like integrity to get the trust of customers to high-quality access to customers praise. We would like to earn our customers’ trust and praise with our integrity and high-quality products.